The Federal Housing Authority (FHA) exists to help people like you realize your dream of owning your own home. Because the FHA insures these mortgages, FHA lenders can work with borrowers regardless of credit problems, collections, past bankruptcy filings, or debt-to-income ratios that are higher than normally allowed. FHA-insured mortgages are perfect for most home buyers – especially first-time buyers and people who have some credit issues or a past bankruptcy.

If you can qualify for homeownership, our FHA Mortgage Specialists will make it happen.
They’ll look at your entire profile, without focusing on particular past mistakes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is an FHA loan?

A: An FHA loan is a real estate mortgage. The mortgage is insured by FHA. Since the FHA insures these mortgages, lenders can work with borrowers even when they’ve had credit problems, accounts forwarded to collections, past bankruptcy filings, or debt-to-income ratios that are higher than normally allowed.

Q: Can I get an FHA Mortgage?

A: Many more people qualify for FHA mortgages than for traditional mortgages.

Q: What if I have “bad credit”?

A: “Bad credit” is a very misleading term. We’ve worked with many people who described themselves as having “bad credit” – but who are now homeowners. The truth is, there are no hard and fast credit score requirements for an FHA loan. If you’re concerned about your credit score, it’s best to speak to our representatives directly.

Q: Even if I’ve filed bankruptcy?

A: Yes. You may be able to get an FHA loan even if you’ve filed for bankruptcy in the past.

Q: Which houses/properties qualify?

A: Single family houses, duplexes, triplexes, 1-4 unit primary residences, Planned Urban Developments (PUDs), approved condominiums, double-wide manufactured homes, and modular or pre-cut housing are all eligible.

Q: Isn’t it harder for houses to qualify for an FHA mortgage than a traditional mortgage?

A: As of January of 2006, FHA has eliminated most of the barriers to a property qualifying. Generally, if a home is in good enough condition to qualify for a traditional mortgage, it will also qualify for an FHA mortgage.

Q: How much can I borrow?

A:  FHA Mortgage Specialists will help you determine how much you can spend on your new home. FHA limits vary by county.

Q: How long does the process take?

A:  You can complete an application in as little as 20 minutes. It takes an average of 30 days from the day your application is submitted to close your mortgage.

FHA Home Loans